• How Does Website Hosting Work?

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    In the years I have done business, I have had several conversations where I have ended up explaining how domain names, hosting and name servers work and interact. I always try my best to make a clear and easy-to-understand explanation in the following way;

    Take an example of a scenario where we are setting up a website for a client. In this case, we are assuming that the design and the development of the site are already done.

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  • Search Engine Optimization for 2017 Explained

    How search engines operate to discover the best websites and the way you can use this to your benefit to bring in more customers. You will recognize all them, but you won’t agree all of them are search engines. You just need to locate a way to demonstrate search engines that your website belongs at the peak of the heap. Updating content to keep search engines crawling back frequently can provide extra weight to a website. Almost everybody who uses search engines will automatically choose from the very first few matches they receive. Major search engines offer information and guidelines to assist with site optimization.

    Vital Pieces of Search Engine Optimization for 2017

    Why it’s so important to utilize SEO and how forgetting all about it can make your business less successful. Even when you have done SEO on your website before, it is very important to re-evaluate your site again. Search engine marketing isn’t an ideal strategy for each site, and other online advertising strategies can be more effective like paid advertising through pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, based on the website operator’s goals. SEO doesn’t have to do all this work, but it needs to have sufficient knowledge to ask a developed one and verify it is correctly implemented. If you are a newcomer to SEO and are seeking to leverage search engine optimization, these riskier and more aggressive way of attempting to get links likely aren’t an excellent fit for your company, as you won’t know how to navigate the pitfalls and rate the risks correctly.

    As Canada West Internet Marketing notes “SEO has changed so much the last few years that it is now expected to assume this rapid evolution to continue. SEO is still one of the long-term advertising strategies that work best for companies that are looking to enhance their online visibility.”

    Search engine optimisation is the only way which people can use to be successful in today’s digital small business world. SEO has many tactics, but the crucial techniques are broken up into two part of search engine marketing techniques to boost website position in SERP named ON-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. The wrong sort of SEO can get you banned from the various search engines, therefore it vital you know what you’re doing. Jay Croft, part of the organization behind SEO by Canada West IM, has seen too many times where he’s had to get clients sites repaired after a bad SEO campaign. Bad SEO can be worse than no SEO at all. Off-page SEO will help to make your website most popular and visible on the web so that you may find more traffic and users for your site and product.

    Search Engine Optimization for 2017 at a Glance

    Some tasks like off-page optimization, website structuring, content distribution and keyword research may appear to be a little overwhelming to the majority of offline small business owners. Search Engine Optimization is a task that every growing business should take.

    Search Engine Optimization is a very long procedure and should you really want people to see your website; then it’s the most important requirement of your site to attain a greater position on search engines. Secondly, you ought to understand that it’s quite tough for you to achieve all of your desired results in the event you lack working knowledge regarding SEO.


    What to Expect From Search Engine Optimization for 2017?

    You do need excellent content, and content that folks are hunting for. With the growth of AI as the trend, content may end up being generated by machines. To start with, the content should be as unique as possible, if not unique, allowing it to have the greatest possible prospect of being indexed by the various search engines.

    The Honest to Goodness Truth on Search Engine Optimization for 2017

    You should modify what you can do to continue to keep your websites ranked. Folks search websites with keywords, and you must provide a good deal of importance to such keywords. Many sites and search engine optimization providers wish to understand what people are looking for and will cover the information.

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  • How To Choose The Right SEO Company To Get Top Results

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    Businesses that use PPC advertising to generate targeted visitors are often looking for better ways of attracting potential clients. Pay per click advertising is very effective because it can put you into contact with people that will be the most interested in purchasing what you have to sell. The problem with this type of advertising is the cost which can be extremely expensive. Instead, more people than ever before are turning to search engine optimization companies that can help them rank on top of the search engines. The following information will help you choose the right SEO company to help you get the best results possible.

    How SEO Works

    “This form of advertising is very different from PPC advertising.” comments Brian Williams from The Las Vegas SEO Company (https://the.lasvegasseoconsultants.net/).  “It requires quite a bit of work. Instead of only setting up a pay per click campaign that will start generating targeted visitors, you will have to implement several strategies that can boost your website to the top of the search engine listings, strategies that can take up hours of your day.”

    However, once you have achieved top positions, you will start to generate free traffic. People will find you at the head of the organic listings, click through to your website, and potentially purchase what you have to offer. Unlike PPC advertising, every click that you receive will not cost you money which is why so many are gravitating toward this form of marketing. Several strategies are involved including building backlinks, adding images and videos to your pages, and interlinking all of your related pages. As mentioned before, this can be a time-consuming process which many people often leave up to professional SEO companies that can achieve top rankings for their clients on autopilot.

    How To Choose The Right SEO Company

    It’s very easy to pick a company that can produce the best SEO results. You can find reviews of different local search engine optimization companies that are in your area, or you can only pick and choose from the different packages that are offered by the services and try one to see what happens. It is recommended that you speak with people that you know that are also using SEO companies locally to see what results they have achieved. Once you have found a business that can provide excellent results, you will start to see your positioning on the search engines improve dramatically along with the number of visitors that you receive.

    Best Strategy To Use

    “Although the professional company that you hire will do everything for you, there is one strategy that they will likely implement that will produce the fast results which are an off-site backlink building strategy that specifically generates links on Facebook.” says Sondra McFarland of Search Engine Optimization Winnipeg. “The first place that the Google algorithm tends to check is Facebook and other social media platforms. If people are talking about a particular website, they will head on over to see if it should rank. The more links that you build from social media platforms, the more likely it is that your web pages will become indexed very quickly and ultimately rank higher than your competition.”

    The process of finding the best search engine optimization company might take a little bit of time unless you can find reviews on the Internet. The one that has the most positive feedback will be the one that you will want to use, a company that will likely provide you with the same positive results. Likewise, noncompetitive companies might tell you which SEO agency they are using, which can also make this process very simple. In the end, once you have all of your most profitable keywords ranking up above your competitors, you will start to make more money with your business.

    Special thanks to Edmonton SEO Guy, one of the top SEO in Edmonton, AB for writing this post for us!

  • How SEO Will Change In 2016

    search engine optimization in 2016

    Most Phoenix internet marketers know that SEO is a game with flexible rules. Year after year they’ve seen their websites torn to pieces by unexpected search engine algorithm updates from Google. Panda and Penguin, for instance, are two names that can make many people cry when they hear them. Although based on the same principles, modern SEO is a new profession. If ten years ago it was enough to get a lot of links from web directories to improve your rankings, today this is an obsolete practice that might even harm your web properties. Nonetheless, links are still the driving engine of SEO and this isn’t going to change in 2016.

    Links rule, but obtaining the really good ones has become extremely difficult. Buying them is forbidden, link exchanges barely have any value and guest posting for linking purposes isn’t something Google agrees with. On the other hand, if you sit there and wait for authority websites to discover you and link to you for free, you might never make it to the top.

    social media for seoAs a general rule for 2016, SEO professionals are going to need to consider improving their social media activity. Social media is part of our life, most people using it to communicate with their friends and to make a statement of who they are and what they believe in. If people are on social media networks, websites need to follow. You can’t afford to remain locked in your ivory tower when everybody else has joined the party. “This means that Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram should be part of any SEO strategy that aims high.” according to SEO agency owner Jerry Harris.

    However, you should take into consideration your available resources. If you can’t cover all these networks properly, you should stick to one or two you like most. Building an active presence in social media requires a lot of time and energy. You can’t use automatic posting and hope people are going to follow you. People love interaction and communication. You have to become an active part of the groups you are a member of if you want the crowds to follow you and to recognize you as an authority. By becoming a voice in social media channels, you send out signals of authority search engines are going to pick up. This is how your Facebook or Twitter activity can help you improve your search engine rankings.

    Video is the next big thing for SEO in 2016. It is already huge, as many marketers have shifted towards producing high-quality video content. You can use video to your advantage as YouTube videos are included in the SERPs of Google for almost every search out there. In addition, ranking in an internal video search engine is easier than ranking in Google, at least for the time being. By being among the first who make video an integrated part of their SEO strategy, you can earn a bigger piece of the pie.

    On page SEO is also going to matter in 2016, so you should still make sure you have all titles, alt tags, and headings in place. They might have a lower importance, but they are still going to be relevant, so make sure you use them correctly. Additionally, you should still optimize your code in order to enable the fast loading of your web pages. Loading speed is one of the factors that influence the rankings, so you should make sure you use the most efficient programming methods and languages.

    Last but not least, consider building brands and authority websites rather than niche properties for your Phoenix business. There is a trend that favors big brands, so you should strive to become one in order to become a leader in the SERPs.

  • The Difference Between SEO and CRO

    cro vs. seo

    SEO also popularly known as search engine optimization is about techniques, tactics or strategies used for the purpose of increasing the number of people visiting a website through high-ranking placement in search engine results. SEO involves designing and developing websites that rank well in popular search engines. This is possible by understanding what visitors search for and the way search algorithms work. SEO is also referred to as SEO copywriting, since most of its tactics that are used in promoting websites deal with text.

    SEO copywriting involves writing viewable text that appears on the web page. This text must be informative to the reader and is meant to target a specific search terms. The purpose of SEO copywriting is to rank highly in major search engine results. The text also optimizes other elements in order to capture targeted search terms, which includes keyword tags, the title, subheadings, description and alternative text.

    When you search a keyword using any popular search engine, thousands of results will be displayed in its database. The website ranking is normally measured according to the position a page is displayed in the search results. In case the web page is displayed on the first position of search engine results, then we say it has the highest ranking.

    The On-Page and The Off-Page SEO Concept

    There are two major ways of optimization as explained below;

    • On-Page SEO – This includes providing good keyword selection, great content, appropriate title for each page and placing keywords in correct places.
    • Off-Page SEO – This involves search engines, link building, link exchange and increasing link popularity by using open directories.

    conversion rate optimization

    What is CRO?

    CRO which means conversion rate optimization is a modern technique that takes scientific approach to optimize the websites. This enables the businesses to convert their website visitors to customers or subscribers. CRO is an emerging marketing discipline that mostly focuses on visitors actions when they visit your website. This will help to measure and improve your website, which in turn leads to more sales or sign ups. Conversion rate optimization is not about how get more traffic into your website but rather about the action you want people to take once they click on your webpage. This will lead to more visitors taking action, which could lead to more sales and higher profits.

    Additional information: Marketing 101: What is CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization)?

    Many companies are today focusing their precious energy and money on driving big traffic to their website using banner ads, social media, Adwords, and organic search (applying SEO). Well, these are valuable ways to spend money on but the challenge is that the traffic is not doing enough. Your visitors are not registering or buying or calling in to request for a quote, which is the main reason you’re sending them to your website. The most exciting thing is that it’s possible to optimize the performance of your business site by making it more appealing, clear, improve on key Calls to Action and offer a better flow. By taking systematic steps, you can easily influence your visitor’s behaviors in positive way.

    Why CRO is important for your business

    There is a room for improvement

    Anne Browne, an CRO expert at Edmonton SEO, tells us “It doesn’t matter how well you have designed your site or how many visitors are clicking on your webpage; conversion process can make things easier and painless for your visitors – leading to exciting results for you.” You can see her website at http://coronationim.com/edmonton-seo.

    Its essentially free

    Conversion rate optimization capitalizes on the existing traffic that you already have. That means you won’t spend more to get more visitors to your website, you’re just improving the site in order to convert your visitors once they get to your site. Optimization will increase the return on your investment and convert more visitors, and also attract new ones.

    Addtional information: 6 Free Resources that Will Help You Become a Better CRO

    Lower the customer acquisition costs

    By doubling the conversion rate your business will reduce by half the cost-per-acquisition, or in other words the amount each new customer will cost you.

    Targets the right customers

    It’s more than just converting anyone. You’re looking for the right customers who love your product. This will be a plus for your marketing efforts since your customers will spread the word to others.

    Maximizes your profits

    Your profit is normally tied to the conversion rate. Because your business is not paying extra money to get more conversion, the profit goes right to your bottom line.

  • The best 5 tools for an effective keywords research


    Keyword research is the fundamental task for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing. You should know the right keywords; otherwise, you won’t generate much traffic. Keywords can be short tailed or long tailed. You can find good short tailed keywords in Google’s tools. Long tailed keywords improve search result and make the search more specific.

    It is very hard to find good long tailed keywords. Contents, which use well researched keywords, have better chance of being read by prospective customers. There are many keyword research tools available today to meet the demand of keyword. Among these, the top five keyword research tools are discussed below.

    Google Keyword Planner


    “Google Keyword Planner is the most common tool used in order to search for a keyword. We find we don’t need any special, paid tools for keyword research as Google’s Keyword Planner works as good or better than the others.” Mary Hunt of phoenixseoconsultants.com says.

    Adwords advertisers mostly use this information. As Google gets paid for Adwords advertising, they make sure that the best keywords are provided.

    WordStream’s Keyword Tool


    WordStream’s Keyword Tool is useful for researching keywords for use in both PPC and SEO. The first 30 searches are free on WordStream. It is a very good tool for finding bunch of related words.

    FreshKey Keyword Research Tool


    FreshKey is another keyword research tool that is gaining popularity. The unique feature of this tool is that it gives you synonyms and variations of the keywords. It will also give you the ranking of the keyword according to popularity, so you know which keyword to choose.

    Soovle Keyword Research Tool


    Soovle, another useful tool for keyword research, gets you the most searched keywords. This tool is absolutely free to use.

    Ubersuggest Keyword Tool


    Ubersuggest, another free keyword research tool, provides an extensive list of variations of the keyword that you type in.

    Whichever tool you use to research keywords, make sure you use these keywords effectively on your content. From the vast list these tools give you, use your own knowledge and intuition to choose the right keywords for your website.



  • Which is better – SEO or PPC?


    Online marketing is all about increasing traffic in your website. If the traffic is more, the chance of revenue is better. So, marketers are constantly researching on the different tools that can be used to boost traffic on webpage. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising are the widely used traffic generating tools today.

    Both have benefits, however, it is often difficult to decide which is better – SEO or PPC?

    SEO provides sustainable results

    SEO is a technique that tries to push a particular webpage to the first page of top search engines like Google. SEO has created a buzz in the industry by generating majority of the website traffic.

    “Getting good results from SEO takes time; it’s not something that you’ll get overnight.” states Leslie Garcia of The Phoenix SEO Company. “But once you can manage to get your website on the first page of search engine results, you will stay there for a long time.” You can see more on the Phoenix SEO Company website at http://phoenixseoconsultants.com.

    PPC, on the other hand, gets quick results. Once you pay for the campaign, your advertisement will be shown on the top of search results and your traffic will increase instantly.

    PPC works well for promotions

    PPC is very useful if you have a new promotional offer for your products or want to tell prospective customers about new products. Unlike SEO, PPC is paid.

    SEO can convert webpage to authority site

    SEO can turn your webpage into an authority site. Traffic gets generated quite easily for authority sites. Having good content is the key to turning your website to an authority website.

    PPC is better for websites will less content

    When your website is not rich in content, PPC is a better option for you. With PPC, you don’t need to constantly update your contents.

    SEO improves overall quality of website

    SEO improves the quality of your website. Amount of traffic, page rank, etc. are important factors that customers consider when they are visiting the website or buying their products. Good SEO increases trustworthiness of the website, making it more reliable

    PPC is better for reaching targeted audience

    For targeted traffic, PPC is a better option. You can specifically choose to reach a specific group of people depending on their demographic information. In case of promotions that are time sensitive, PPC is a better option.

    So, whether to choose SEO and PPC depends on the type of your website and the kind of result you want. Depending on your requirement, you choose the one that is suitable for you. But research says that for best results you should use both SEO and PPC for your website.


  • Why should PPC be part of your digital marketing strategy?


    Everyone is competing online to get their webpage to be ranked at the top of search engine results. In this fierce competition of getting the share of the pie, relying only on search engine optimization is not a wise decision. Pay-per-click (PPC) can be very useful for boosting your page rank if used along with search engine optimization.

    PPC guarantees return

    Big brands are now going after PPC for a number of reasons. The major reason is you pay for what you get, that is, you only pay when a user clicks on the advertisement. This is an investment that guarantees return. So, PPC is actually a safe investment than the traditional advertising methods.

    PPC makes good use of your budget

    With PPC, your marketing budget is controllable. You can set a budget depending on what you need. If you want, you can fix a maximum number of clicks that you will be accepting daily. This way you know how much you are going to spend every day. This limit is not fixed also; you can change it any time according to your varying needs.

    Targeted marketing possible with PPC

    PPC has targeted marketing option which allows you to deliver a specific advertisement when user is at a specific location during a specific period of the day.

    With so much competition around, search engine optimization alone cannot handle the pressure. Search engine optimization and PPC together can help you achieve your desired result. However, PPC is not an easy task. You need to be aware of the rules, types of advertising platforms, etc. before using PPC for your website. You should seek the advice of experts who understand PPC well, instead of experimenting all by yourself. However, you must always remember that PPC alone cannot yield any result; it must be used with other online marketing tools.